Thursday, August 12, 2010

9 Dragons

Nine Dragons (An Unabridged Production)[9-CD Set]; (Harry Bosch Series #15)

Read well by Len Carion, unabridged (of course)! Won by Me!

Harry is a cop. A Chinese shopkeeper has been murdered. Was it a member of the Tong or someone else? How is this going to involved his daughter and her mother in China? Is there a leak in the cop house? Who can Harry  trust? The answers will come as Harry 'globe trots'! The action and pace are fast and furious! 'Just the kind of book I like!

O, this is another of Hachette Audio books.. I like what they do!


Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten into Harry's books yet. The Lincoln lawyer is who I've fallen for. :)


Trust me, you will like Harry!