Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is he CRAZY or am I

I mean really!? A person who claims to be a good American! This country that was founded on religious believe or not and the ability to practice each in his/her own way! This man wants restrict the building of a Mosque! He must have a very small list of friends and acquaintances! I'm glad mine is larger as they sometimes invite me to theirs and talk about what everything is all about.

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Rebecca said...

I know what you mean! And the response "We will let _them_ build a Mosque there when _we_ can build a church in Saudi Arabia" is wrong on so many levels! First of all, setting up any argument as "us and them" is so divisive that it obliterates any chance for rational discussion, and as you said, aren't we supposed to be the country of freedom?! It would be illegal to prevent the building of a mosque there.

Now on the other hand, the 1st amendment allows me to say that it is in poor taste for them to place is there, and there is someone behind the scenes that is doing it just to stir up this hornet's nest. The worst thing that could happen to them would be for America to not care. As it is, they can point out the hypocrisy and claim they are being treated unfairly.