Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New York Dead (Stone Barrington, #1)New York Dead by Stuart Woods
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do you remember tv shows like 'dragnet', movies like 'the thin man', books by j. d. mc donald and richard prather, and dashel hammit? the lines or text were short and crisp. the hero was tough. he might appear to be beaten down, but you knew he was determined solve the case! women were ladies or 'dames' and either could be a 'villan' or not. men could be thugs or gents, innocent or guilty.

so you figured out 'who done it', but you had to finish it to see if you were right or had been tricked into following the 'red herring'. you had to see what trials the hero had to go through to solve the mystery.

the mystery here is: could a woman fall from a great height and land of a pile of dirt and live? our hero saw it with his own eyes. the victim's body has vanished. was it murder or suicide?

i loved the different voices of the different male voices! the female voices are not as well done but after first hearing, are acceptable.

there are some words my mother would not like to hear me say but seems correct for the characters and the situations.

this is not a 'cozy' read but not a blood and guts thriller either. it's just a good mystery.

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