Sunday, August 26, 2012

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

it's paranormal. you know that by the first word in the title 'angel'. trust me when i tell you these are not the angels you see in paintings or hear about in church. next word in the title is 'blood'. who's blood...angels? vampires? yes. and more, there are humans and vampire hunters!
it's about love and hate, it's a thriller (well, its got to be with hunters and vamps)!

WAIT! that word 'thriller' turns some people off. let's think about it a moment. i think there are 3 (the whole family can watch and read), pg (someone needs to figure out the maturity levels), and then there is the x rating (where there is so much violence and gore that you have to skip page before you can go any further or you just stop there because you don't want to throw up or have nightmares), i would give it a pg rating.

the narration is great! i had not problem following the characters as the different characters spoke or with the discriptives in-between.

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