Friday, September 17, 2010

Snapea Crisps

After finishing with the vampires in preparation for my doctor's appointment next week, DH took me to Sprouts (who have opened a store just down the road from us...YEA). I love them as they are so nice to me when it come to helping me pick the best of the best fruit!

While whizzing around the store, I came to am abrupt halt in front of a display of Snapea Chips...original flavor baked made by Calbee Snack Salad.  Isn't that a good looking product? And it looks like it should be crunchy. And I was craving a good salad with lots of textures. So I bought a bag. I recommend you break them up when using in a salad.

These are so good! Even without the salad or dip or anything! But I have to warn you...very addictive! I looked them up on the web, you can see all their products here.

No, I am not getting any rewards from Sprouts or Calbee....but I do so like both!

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