Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you one of those people has problems in the spring?

I am. Daddy (the doctor) called it sneeze and wheeze season. My problem with antihistamines is they either don't work or they stop the drip and sneeze but plug me up something awful!  Then, Bridget of Freebies4MeAndU did a review and give away for something call PreHistin.  I read the review and thought about it a lot!  I searched the product out more.  Then I just had to enter!  And I won!
What did I think?
What an idea! Works well with Daddy, the doctor's theory the "prevention is a good thing."  Started I did.  Now I just want them to hurry up and get it into stores so while I am shopping, I can just pick it up!  I could hug Bridget for finding this product for review and giveaway!  
Just checked site for PreHistin and they are having a Buy One Get One Free offer!  I am off there as soon as I finish my home work (as these bloody reviews I have neglected)!  
'Guess it was a good thing to do this review tonight or I would not have found about about the sale!  Oh, there is lots of educational information there.
Don't forget Freebies4MeAndU.
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