Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Yummy Day Review

DH took Mystery Pup for a walk and on his return, he checked the mail. Among the bills and junk mail, I received a package from Fiber One. What a propitious arrival, because when I opened the wee box, I found a coupon for any one of the other Fiber One products.

But even better was a Fiber One snack bar and a box of cereal!!! The snack bar disappeared in no time (I was hungry). The flavor was "Oats and Chocolate". It was wonderful; chewy and crunchy! It was just what I needed to satisfy my hunger pains until we could fix dinner. I guess I will have to buy some more as at 140 calories, it will be good for snacks.

This morning I had the Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal. It contains 51% of the daily requirement of fiber. It was quite good. Not too sweet and nicely crunchy. No taste of the cardboard box it came in. I ate it without milk because some times I just like cereal that way, like a fun snack. Now here's the deal. Not all cereals, while still good, can be eaten this way; they just need milk to complete them. This Fiber One cereal tastes very nice all by itself with no after taste. The lovely thing about eating Fiber One without milk, is you don't eat it in a hurry for fear it will become all soggy.

These two items will go on the shopping list.

Thank you FIBER ONE for a lovely breakfast and a much needed snack!

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TheEclecticElement said...

Oh, that definitely sounds like a very yummy mail day! :D
I haven't tried Fiber One products, but I hear that they are very good!