Friday, August 28, 2009

Review of Wishful Drinking CD

Wishful Drinking
I like this CD of Carrie Fisher's book. Probably because she is reading it so it has her voice to her words. (Apparently it is based on a one woman show she does.)

She made us laugh (hubby and me) about things that should not be funny; like divorce, death, drug addiction, mental illness, electric shock treatment, and holes in her memory. He went to sleep after disc one. I had to keep listening through the next two discs.

Are names dropped?

Of course. They could not be avoided. I mean, she is the daughter of some famous people and she was married to Paul Simon.

Through the laughter, I got that she is a survivor of mental illness. She is not afraid to talk about it, nor should we. She is not embarrass by it, nor should we. She is a testimony that with help, any of us can get to "the other side".

This memoir is well worth the listen/read. I will keep it and listen to it again sometime (or times).

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Sarbear said...

I never knew she had these problems... interesting!