Friday, July 10, 2009

i won a gift certificate for vintage body spa

Natural Facial Products
Liquid African Black Soap
this is so very cool! what more could a girly girl (me) like better than stuff to pamper her body! just look at some of the things i can choose from. whahoo! now i need to figure out what i want from vintage body spa.

i need to thank dwan perrin of mommadjane, as it was her site that posted the giveaway. do go visit her site, she has good giveaways. just click on her name or the name of her blog site and you are there.
Suga' Lips Lip Balm


Sheila DeChantal said...

OOH! Nice! Congratulations :)

MommaDJane said...

I'm so excited for you that you won! Can't wait to hear how you love your products from Vintage Body Spa. Congrats again!