Thursday, September 11, 2008

where have i been??

my body was talking to me, loudly, and i went into a depression...doing as little as i had to and trying to play like all was well when i had to be around others. stupid. people who love me would try to help if i had just said "i'm depress and my spirit is very dim. but somehow, i don't feel i am allowed. how dishonest is that? how rude? to myself and my friends! if i allow others to be down and help them, why can't i ... 

uck. enough of this. i have to get ready to go to a knitting meet up at starbucks. 

tonight i tried to get a picture of missy pup. i will check it out when i get home...if it took, you will be so ... don't know the word but if it shows up the way i hope, i will change my avatar and you will see it and say "awwww"!

o, the reason i posted the last entry was because i loved the puppy picture!

1 comment:

Gigavere said...

Love that puppy photo from previous post.

I hope- you're feeling better.
It's hard with being depressed. Don't blame yourself for anything- it's very hard.
Take care!