Saturday, September 13, 2008

what am i doing up at 5:40 a.m.?

typing on the computer and watching ike roll on in ... and dafty people doing dafty things in it! you would think adults would understand that when they tell you this is going to be a really bad hurricane, LISTEN! when they tell you, if you stayed, don't go out until it is light, LISTEN! so i watch and listen to stories about people who don't/didn't LISTEN!

it is way too early to worry about how it will effect us in the dfw metroplex but, it just seemed like the thing to do. what with friends sitting it out in danger areas. and then the kids at a&m...not mine, my friend sheila's girls.  

looks like we are going to miss the worst of it but we will get the  "side lines". 

for those hearing about the 7" of rain lubbock got ... i know that does not sound like much, but you have to understand...lubbock is up on the mesa (spanish for "table").  flat....miles and miles of flat! and flat don't drain! get it? got it? good! 

i think i best go to sleep now. 

y'all take care now, ya here?


Gigavere said...

I hope the side effects of Ike are not going to be really bad for you. I wish for easy ones. I hope.
Take care.

vtknitboy said...

why don't you go to shepherdsusie's webpage and leave a comment?
i twittered her and told her you were looking for her!