Tuesday, August 26, 2008

you gotta go

here for a free obama/biden sticker!

i have tried not to be political here but i must. john mc cain is not the man i would have voted for in 2000. this war cannot continue. 

mc cain was honest when he said the draft would have to be reenacted if he gets in...think about it. if you keep losing soldiers, and recruiting is down to the bottom of the barrel, you have to get them from somewhere...and that is the draft...your daughter, your son. 

women need to keep our civil rights...as in birth control which is now being considered as abortion by this administration...and something mc cain agrees on. 

please check out the truth of what mc cain is saying. don't throw up your hands and decide not to vote. there is too much at stake. don't throw away your vote!


Chelsea said...

Thank you for that link! I'd been trying to figure out where to get one of those.

San Diego Art Nut Too said...

I would like to see a national service of two years for every U.S. man and woman. But I would want it to include peaceful work within the U.S. borders. And it has to be system (unlike the old Selective Service) which you could not buy your way out of.
McCain is just as big an idiot as George W. Picking Palin proves that he does not have the sense to lead this country. If he get elected, she stands a good chance of being President. Crapini! It's not if she has a scandal in her past, it is just a matter of when it will be revealed.
And paring down the GOP convention is just because they know that the Dems out did them and they can't top it. Bush sitting on his hands in D.C. further demonstrates his inability to lead in times of crisis.
Keep writing!

Vtknitboy said...

hmmm. i wonder where you got the link for the bumper sticker??! i have insomnia. it's 4am.