Monday, August 25, 2008

after the olympics

thanks to the recorder, i will see the last 3 days of the olympics. a migraine and back pain had me down. no knitting or tv...just podcasts and audio books. i committed to 4 project for ravelympics...3 projects to finish and 1 new one.  i got the new baby hat done, the red square, and the first of diamonds for daylia...the bloody socks have been put in time out! i think they have been a contributor to my migraine! so until i have made some with thicker...much thicker yarn! and much, much lighter yarn! so i can see what i am doing and what i am learning, they will stay in time out.  

for the convention, i am working on the back of my round the trip sweater and ribbing for it.

i just watched teddy kennedy at the democratic convention...he is losing his hair from his treatments for cancer but not his spirit! god bless him!

and now meet mrs obama

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Vtknitboy said...

see, i do read your blog! ; )