Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am half assed again

i did manage to get my photos of my newest yarns into flicker and then into ravelry so now they show up in my stash.  but i still can't get my photos in here.  

o, while i was trying to make sure all my info about my sock yarns was entered correctly, i found a new pattern! one that will make a perfect fit to one of my new yarns!  i am such a happy camper...lier...well i will be when i figure the flicker to hodgepodge problem!

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iwouldratherbeknitting said...

GRR... I lost my comment to you .. trying again..

TO POST a photo in your blog... look above the space where you type your messages... (before you publish the post) and you'll see some icons... b, i, abc, landscape photo, and the last one is a flimstrip...

SELECT the landscape one.. click on it.. (sometimes it takes awhile to show up) and you'll see another screen.. and you click on: BROWSE and you can select the photos that are on your computer that you want to put in your blog. I've posted 4 at a time... it lets you select more.. but, I can only get 4 at a time to work... so, if I want to add more photos... I just click on the little icon again and start over.