Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i know...did i really need more yarn? sure.  how can i learn to knit socks with that thick old stuff? this is "sock" yarn...liz wanted to destash and that this was cheaper than driving to the store and getting confused with all their stuff...her's/mine is so pretty.  i started my swatch and probably will have it finished later today.  and then i am off like a herd of turtles!  i was going to go from the top down, but have changed my's going to be toes up!  liz that lovely lady, even balled one of the 2 skeins up for me.  was i impressed!  her's look like what the ball winder would do...a nice cake...with a center pull!  mine do not have a centre pull but more a thumb hole in the mist of a ....a.... well before i take it off my thumb it looks like i smashed my thumb and it got a really big bandage ...  a really colorful one!  liz sent me some pictures of the yarn (i still don't have a digital camera).

(i've run into a wee bit of a technical back)

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