Monday, March 3, 2008


Never, I mean never watch EZ & Meg's dvd "Glossary" while casting on. 1st your count will be off (frog it). 2nd, you'll realize you are making 10 the hard way (ribit x 3), Ok, you've got it going again...until you realize you can't count, So after 4 rows, you try to fix it...EZ&Meg did it so are not them! Frog #4. By now your sick husband's stomach is void of every thing, his temperature makes him want to keep his eyes closed and his mind is telling him that sleep will save him...he finally goes to sleep and stops flopping like a fish out of water. It's 5 something a.m. You have frogged this thing enough times that your mind says: "Sleep, go to sleep you fool! It will still be there in the morning. Hopefully then you will be able to count and get past 5 rows and will be skipping along like everyone else. Besides, you're only following your MO, frog 3 or 4 times before you ever get it going right!"

So here I am after about 4 hrs sleep. Called the dentist to say DH/driver sick, see you when he is well. And I am back to casting on.

I have done my finger warm ups; ready to start again! Yeah!?

Oh,I figured out something....if your arthritis start bugging your fingers while knitting, stop at the end of a row. Get on line and type a while by answering mail. Your fingers have stopped the repeatative (sp) motion and gotten all fingers exercised so should feel better as you return to knitting!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know about how bad you are. You sound perfectly normal to me! After all, I have frogged so many time, yet I keep coming back for more!