Sunday, March 2, 2008

joseph's coat of many colors

'have had to do some work other places (you can't knit all the time...well, you can but DH/puppies and the bill collectors start  hammering on your door and you have to eat in order to lose weight) but have been gently persuaded to knit the Surprise Jacket...the question is which surprise jacket, the adult or baby.  Well, Elizabeth Zimmerman (and it is her pattern) suggested the baby first, so will do, probably.  The yarn is a free (as in no $) acrylic of many a color wheel on a string...sort of my crayon colored rainbow.  Well, kids, I've got to pay bills so I can get started, again.  I am going to test myself by doing it using the Continental/German style of knitting as it is all knit and no the end of this sweater and the next (I think I will have enough practic from both)  'might even have enough yarn to do both baby and adult sizes...maybe even do hats to match sweaters!  'have to do more other stuff so I can get back to my challenging project as I want to be able to keep up with the Knitty Gritty group KAL (knitting all along) project!  Pant, pant, pant!!!  Say prayers!  Have you ever tried to knit and type at the same time???  I will back to you all later. 

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