Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where have I been??

No where! just messing around with is soooo addictive! I keep finding groups I like and talking to people I like! and then what happens???? I end up spending all my free time reading and posting and reading ans posting and.... get the idea?

Oh, my hands? In the peeling stage...wish the finger tips would start! It's like you burned your finger tip, the blister has dried up but the peeling has not started or they suddenly are all callused...something like that only involving all tips!

Did you get to hear or read Mr. Obama's speech! If not, go here:

I thought it was great! I listened to lots of the talking heads and I think they were not listening to the speech but looking for lines they could argue or endorse. Reading or listening to the to the speech as a whole gives one lots to think about, feel about, search inside much more that the news snippits.

His Nibs is outside working again on the van...rain delay. Sure hope he has it up and running by Thursday...have missed way to many days due to van sickness! So why didn't we used the guessed it...broken!

I know another reason Elizabeth Zimmermann called the a Surprise's because she probably was surprised so many of us made it through knitting the whole thing and decided to make more! I finally got it going and then ... the pain... i can't rip it because I am not talented enough to get it back on the needles! That means I have to unknit many rows! I have a good college education... why can't I read???? Good thing I made another copy before I started so I could make notes so as not to repeat the same mistakes. One good thing about continental style, I don't make any accidental yarn overs. Now if I could just get one way of holding the yarn I might finish the baby jacket before the end of the year.

Enough of this chatter...I have to eat my salad before it wilts!

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