Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is Mercury in Retrograde?

My chair carrying van is sick and has been since about the 6th of the month and Mr. Fixit has been working so hard to fix it...and the weather has not helped a bit! Raining, snowing! And then there was this nasty onry bolt that would not come loose! He wanted me to get him up early so he and his pal could work on it some more. Now, he is sick and he rarely gets sick! There is nothing I can do for him but offer comforting words and suggestions. There he lies with covers over his eyes and a big dog hat....well, sort of. See--- no no---I know you can't see---there lies His Nips, head on pillow, big black dog lying on pillow behind him...why never have camera ar right time---in the space between his head and the back board. Oscar got tired of the big dying fish impersonator who also keeps throwing covers around and jumping out of bed and then there's the noises he makes and the smells...what's a poor dog to do? This smart puppy came up on the other side of me, asked for a bit of attention, then went back to peaceful dreaming safe in the knowledge that I will be less intrusive.

I did manage to get a couple of row done while at the local Dems meeting. We met the congressional candidate who seems to have the right educational background and working experience. Seems very knowledge about the issues. He was not afraid of any of the questions asked without hesitation. I do feel sorry for him as his district covers all sorts of disconnected blocks. Thank you Tom another state's problem. I wonder if the state's attorney general made a deal with him if he got out of Texas or he it was his idea to hightail it out of the state as it was getting too hot for him before spring arrived!

I'm in a tea karma swap group and I got my swapped box the day before...see how your brain works? No sleep equals no calendar change! Anyway, it was so grand! I've tried two of the teas and they were fabulos! Some of the tea came in the sweetest little tin box...great for loose tea when the bags are all used up or for more tea bags. I will deside on that another day. But I gotta tell about some yarn she camel hair...oh, if you could only feel soft! As was the green yarn...and those who know me know how much I love green! So soft, so green...ahhhh. Sigh...all i need now is a pattern...I have needles. Oh and there were cookies...they went down fast! Almonds!!! And a card to boot!

No, Sandy, stop thinking about those yarns! You have to finish that Baby Surprise Jacket before you think about or touch that yarn again! Control. Just a little bit of focus!!! And then He, El Sicko, wants a hat or socks...thick socks...she who cringes when people talk about them and double pointed needles! Shuddering at the mention! BUT, I checked with a friend (fiend) who also works with round looms who has done a grand pair of socks on the blue Knifty Knitter loom, She used chunky yarn on hers and they are absolutely beautiful. I want to make them out of bamboo as it has antibacterial properties so will be kind to his toes. He will pick out the color (good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise...and the van gets fixed)....

Light bulb....a V8 moment! I could make a hat with the baby camel yarn and we can share it or if I have enough yarn, I could make two and we wouldn't have to share!

Correction...BSJ... must be completed and a pair of booties to go with and wee hat...both latter projects to be completed with same yarn only on the looms! If none of the kids' kids can use them and no one is pregies, they will be gifted to a newborn baby at the hospital.

Please say prayers for both baby projects and The Van!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

PS Lesson: You cannot watch great skating and knit at the same time! Barely enough time to blink!

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