Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sorry, did you miss me?

You know what it is like to have to drink a gallon of liquid followed by a gallon of water and then the day after...well, I DO...and involve no sleep for 2 days!  finally crashed out about 2 am and slept til 2 pm today.  'feel better now.  Just have to take med to counteract effects of pain meds and repeat test in 2 months.  Woopee!  Does it sound like  fun ... well, Uck, Uck!   

Enough of that!  I got exciting mail!  My copy of Knitting Without Tears arrived along with the DVD A Knitting Glossary by Elizabeth Zimmerman!  Of course I have not been feeling well enough to read or watch either but...the night is young!  I know most knitters are well aware of her but I was not one.  So when I became aware of her, I asked a question of a friend, which would you by if you had to watch pennies so you could spend dollars and you have a stash of yarn flowing out of you craft room!  She say the Glossary was  perfect, soooooo.  The book just said, you've been there, you've done that, so by it, stop it now!!!  Just looking at the back of the video of Knitting Glossary lists such things as 13 ways to cast on (huh?), 7 ways to cast off (OK, I know at least 3), 15 Icord variations, Entrelac (not a clue, have to watch), Bavarian Twisted Stitch (never heard of that on either), Two-end Kniting (somehow I don't think that means what I think it means), Armenian Knitting (oooooh, I've seen it, can't wait), Steeks (this one I've heard of, asked about, got confused about, now I vill learn it, YEEPEE), EPS (this is another one I've heard of but don't understand, but want to learn), and MORE...she said MUCH MORE!  Can my brain absorb all of this!!!  and I have not even looked at the book jacket yet! 

The postman must have known that I needed a lift ad this was surely it or have you noticed?  

Well, I gotta go now.  I hope all of you (any of you?) have such a good day something wonderful to brighten you day!  


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