Sunday, February 24, 2008

icky poo day

tell me again why a colonoscopy is a good idea?  Why is the guck you have to drink have to taste sssssooo bad!  And if you have been watching salt like I, for oh so many years, does it also have to be so salty!!!  And why must one have to drink so much of it!!!  I know, it so you can get saddle sores for sitting on the silver saddle for so long (sorry, hard plastic)!!  Well, at least I have gotten a few more rows done on the soldier scarf and have started a snood that I hope to have finished by Thurs. for the PT tech who likes to beat up on my and laugh at the same time...she says it's me but how could that be?  Well, I hope you have enjoyed the day and the Oscars.  Toodles!

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