Friday, July 29, 2011

Update on Mommy

She fought the cancer with everything within her and the results of her last tests were there were no cancer cells anywhere to be found! That was the grand news!

The sad but good news was she got pneumonia less than a week later which took her away in 3 days.

What's good about that!??

She did not want to live so long that she had to live in a nursing home. Her mind was clear up to the last moment of life. My most wonderful niece-in-law took up some whiskey so they could all have a last toast...her own hail and fairwell. Well, my mother decided that one toast was not enough so whenever any came in the room, she toasted them (no matter how many times they came in). And that, my friends was the good news...she left in good spirits...still full of love and laughter!

Yes, I miss her a lot but I have such a boatload of memories!

So if you are sipping some wine or beer or other beverage, give her a toast and she will send you a smile of thanks.

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Rebecca said...

I'm so glad that your mother got to live her life on her own terms. That is certainly a blessing. I'm about to embark on my own battle with cancer, and this is one of many life lessons that helps me to keep perspective.