Monday, March 28, 2011


How are ya?

Me, ok.

My mom just finished her last chemo treatment and now we have to do some more tests and see where we are. They say the "chemo brain" should start going away in a couple of weeks. She's 92 as of February. And that "older" dog she was going to get resulted in a red poodle (Rett Butler) who is not even a year old. Mothers! They are so hard to bring up properly.

My work on is engrossing. I got stopped with my mom's father's side after the initial grandfather arrived from Scotland. Her mother's side is not that much better. I think I have found a brother of her grandfather who fought in the war between the states ('can't say civil war without my mother's eruption: "THERE WAS NOTHING CIVIL ABOUT IT!") Anyway, he was caught and imprisoned, exchanged, and when back to Richmond for new orders. After the war, he and his wife went to Argentina (as did many confederates at the invitation of that government). Some stayed but some came back to their native soil. In his case, he came back with his wife and a child only to eventually get shot by some "carpetbagger".

While I have found many who fought for the new country, I have finally found a Tory who with one of his sons was thorting the rebels any way he could by stealing horses and making counterfit money. His story does not end well as he was spotted, caught, and hung. All of his sons (but the one) are recognized by the DAR for their war efforts.

Well, looks like it is time to put on another book and go back to see who else I can dig up.

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Hey there Sandy! Good to hear from you :)

I'm happy to hear about your mom and her last chemo treatment-I didn't realize she was a whopping 92 years old! You have one strong mommy dearest!

And I know how addicting can be-I was on there once with my one aunt and it's incredible what you uncover.