Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's up?

This is a bad time of year....figure skating started and I've started PT and there are all these bloody books lurking about....o, and I've been working on getting a van.

I love figure stating....probably because I can't stand up on shoes with blades or 4 wheels. I tried for puppies years but decided cement and and wood they using in roller rinks are hard on your butt so after 5 years, I decided to give it up! Then I went to join my dad in Germany where some friends took me to and ice skating rink. They convinced me that ice skating was way, way easier than roller skating. (14yo are so gullible!) So off we go with a friend on either side. Those skates seemed to have minds of there own! Next thing I knew they were crossed! I asked my friends what to do in such a situation. They let go of my and started laughing hysterically. Lesson: some friends are either big fat liers or don't know what they are talking about. Lesson: falling on ice is just as hard as wood or concrete do hurts the same BUT it is also very cold and wet. I don't remember how they got me off the ice but I can tell you that was a lesson learned last attempt to try ice skating! It took me 3 years but I did finally manage to ride a 2 wheeler.

PT, what fun (sarcasm). It's early days so not much to show but I'm going.

I've figured it out. I borrow a Kindle to read to and from and while waiting for PT.  I have a paper back to read at home. Audio books are listened to at bed time. So far this is working well except I can't read and watch the skaters at the same time! AND then there are the book reviews I need to write (lots!!!) I haven't figured out exactly how fit in this later as it seems I am in a reading frenzy but not mush into sharing. It's not to worry, things will get figured out!

O, VAN! One other owner (paralyzed vet from first gulf war). He passed and his mother asked the people they got it from to sell it for her at a really reduced price. It's a 2002, White with grey interior. Power just about everything especially the lift which will lift me and chair up and in and lock us down. I hope to have it in about 2 weeks. Randy, sales guy, if off this week so it will have to be next week before we work out what little changes need to be made for me. So, hopefully I will have a van before Thanksgiving! Thanks to all who held good thoughts about me getting it!

Well, today was PT day and I am pooped! Later friends~

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Sharon said...

Congratulations on getting the great van, you sound excited! One thing at a time, enjoy your reading frenzy!