Wednesday, September 1, 2010

True Compass: A Memoir (Audio CD)

Kennedy's Memoir, True Compass by Edward M. Kennedy (True Compass: A Memoir) (Hardcover)

As the youngest of the Kennedy children, Edward Kennedy's story is the story of history makers. From is father, Joseph, ambassador to England, to his assassinated brothers, John and Bobby, and himself....all public servants. It is the story of a tight family. It is the story of a man whose place in history may equal, if not exceed that of his parent and brothers.

While I am sure the hard copy included many photos, I was very happy with the audio version and the narrator, John B. Floyd.

For some reason, I could not just start and run with this book. I found it best to listen to one disc at a time with diversions to other things in between discs. This started about the time in the story of President Kennedy's run for office. I think it happened because this is the my time, he was my president, not the first president I could vote for, but the first candidate it ignite my interest in politics. I think I needed time to digest what all I did not always know or understand about the times. I needed time to mull over what I had just heard. 

I came away with a deeper impression of Edward Kennedy and his family as well as a better view of the story of my time.  This is a very good memoir. One you should not miss.  Warning, while you chuckle at some points, others will tear you up.

The lovely people at Hachette let me listen to them knowing I would give it an honest review.

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