Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

A long time ago I listened to a shocked mom relate a conversation she had with her daughter who had been molested by her stepfather:

Child: do you think you will ever marry again?
Mom: I don't know. Right now I distrust men. Don't you?
Child: No. I just don't trust him.
(Him, the stepfather.)

What a wise seven year old. She wasn't angry or distrustful of all men. Just the man who had hurt her. Why can't we all be like that child.  

It was not all Muslims who attacked the World Trade Center. 

Of the people who died, how many different cities, states, countries were they from? How many different faiths were represented in the deaths? What about the people who pitched in to help? Did anyone stop to ask helpers about their religion or where they were born or their politics; or care to look at skin color or dress? No. I don't think so. So why are some people doing it now? Why are people blaming all people of a faith, a country, instead of just the terrorists and those behind them? 

Are we, as a world, regressing to the 11th century? 

It saddens me when we as individuals, a country, are attaching blame all the people of a faith, a country, instead of a small group hate mongers. 

When will we be as wise as a seven year old child? 


Anonymous said...

I think there will come a time where this is a mute point, a time when oil is no longer available. It might be sooner than we think.

blueviolet said...

Somewhere over time, we get jaded. Children are such blank slates and the world encumbers them with all their dumb generalizations!


I head that child's words about 35 years ago and have not lost them or what I absorbed them 30 years later. Maybe I am too stupid to let myself lose those words. This 'stupid' I don't want to be nullified by time and events.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching Collapse and I believe in my lifetime we'll see such a change in the on such a large scale that getting enough food to eat will be what we think of on a daily basis.