Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What to do?

Cleaning up a mess you made on line can be very boring and time intensive.  My friend then is audio!  BOOKS!!!  With a big mess, that means LOT OF BOOKS! First up is:
The publisher's summary:
A hero of the crusades, Dominic le Sabre has returned in glory and in triumph to claim his reward: the beautiful Saxon bride awarded to him by the conqueror king. But Lady Margaret of the Blackthorne cannot yield to the bold Norman invader.

The beloved daughter of a sacred tribe of the Celtic mystics, she fears an ancient curse that could bring further turmoil to her battle-scarred land...and sorrow to her marriage bed.
With a word, the lady could turn her wedding into war. But there awaits in the noble knightᅵᅵs embrace a promise of passion unbound - and a love that neither violence nor treachery can tear asunder, a love both invincible and...untamed.
©2008 Elizabeth Lowell; (P)2008 Brilliance Audio

This was a really fun romp which helped the time fly.  I have to admit that a few times I was really glad my computer was running slow. Of course I could have rebooted but then I would have to stop the book. It does lean more to the fictional than the historical but I needed something lighter.
I don't normally go for series books because they so often leave you dangling.  (I hate when authors do that to me.)But I have to give props to Elizabeth Lowell as this books wraps up nicely. I guess that means I will probably put the next one on my wish list. 
Oh, the narrator on this book (Anne Flosnic) was good. A nice English voice to complement a nice English story.  I am glad I used my monthly credit on this one. 

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