Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have now had true Scottish Tablet!

Whatever am I talking about? Hang on and I will let the lady of Kiss My Thistle tell you all about it!

Thistle Melts
Scots know this candy as Tablet, but that name cannot express the sensation of sugar, butter, and caramel sweetness as it excites your mouth with the first bite. Scottish Tablet is a treasure of the land. Children and adults alike flock to candy shops and bakeries all over Scotland to bring home small bags of this sweet. Our version is called Thistle Melt.
How do you describe a flavor? It is a burst of sugar and butter that delight your taste buds. It has the density of fudge and the buttery caramel flavor of toffee. It will not stick to your teeth, but it will wake up your sweet tooth!
Southern friends have told me that it is like a praline without nuts. Latino friends remember a candy from their childhood. Scottish friends give it rave reviews!

When I asked my Dundee, Scotland, born hubby about it, he insisted I order some ASAP! So I did. And it arrived and melted into nonexistence in no time. So had did hubby react? "IT'S DAMN GOOD!"

Ms Julie Heveran, owner, baker, and, like me, Scottish descendant, was sweet enough to send a wee bit of short bread in our box. All I have to say is it is like nothing I have ever tasted before! It is WONDERFUL!

If you are curious about these two products, I have two ways for you; 1. Click on Julie's name or the posting title to get there in a flash OR 2. rush over to LESLIE LOVES VEGGIES where you can enter her contest to win some fantastically good short bread!

While visiting Leslie's site, you want to see what other contests she's go going....she has lots of them going all the time!


TheEclecticElement said...

Oooooh that sounds SO GOOD!! I'm definitely going to have to keep it in mind for the future if I ever have a chance to order some :)

Sharon said...

It looks really yummy! It does look like the candy I can get at my favorite Mexican resturant, only as stated, it has no nuts.


totally different from pralines! wonderful and melts in your mouth