Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twist Collective 2009 Autumn

Twist Collective is out! The autumn 2009 edition! I want to make these:
I like the design of these:
route 66
Now this is quite cute and if made with the right yarn, could also be for summer!
bus stop
I do like this one as well!
bus stop

Look at the asymmetry of this one:
bus stop
But if we are being realistic, these are probably the only ones I could do and have them come out right:
bus stop
Oh, but isn't this lovely!
I wonder if I could do this scarf but in a brighter color or darker...just not this medium!
route 66_2
You know, you really ought to go see what you would like to make that maybe didn't appeal to me. You want ta? OK, you can view the Twist Collective issue here. Oh, don't forget to read the articles! There are some really good ones to read!


Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Love the fingerless gloves in the first picture.... they are really cure and a great color.

TheEclecticElement said...

Oh wow!! Those are amazing-I would love to be as good as that :D

christine (booktumbling) said...

I absolutely love the hats. Everything looks so snuggly. I am completely jealous of anyone who can make these. My mom can make beautiful sweaters etc. I did not inherit the gene (boo hoo). Have fun!
Stop by and check out something for you!!!


S..I love fingerless glove and am seriously thinking about making some soon so as the weather gets colder my hands won't freeze while typing.

EE, The first thing I ever made was a man's sweater...for a guy over 6 feet tall. My problem is with my hands shaking but I think it is time for hats and scarfs fingerless gloves that go up over the wrist.

I am Harriet said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Yes- I've howled with my schnauzer- mostly to instigate her :). My other dog is a pup and hasn't developed a howl yet.
Monday Mayhem will be posted on Sunday at


christine (booktumbling) Trust me, if I can learn to knit, anyone can....I did it with a book but places like Joanns and Michael and Hobby Lobby have classes or look at some of the YouTube videos and look in your yellow pages for local yarn shops, call them and ask about classes.