Friday, September 4, 2009

i love my mail man

he brought me 2 new books!

A Separate Country by Robert Hicks: Book Cover
A Separate Country by Robert Hicks


now i made a promise to my books that they would have my full attention for the rest of the day. ie, no reading email, you reading facebook, twitter, or anything else on the computer for the rest of the day. how knows, if i finish at least one today, you may get a review.


MommaDJane said...

Have a great day reading! I need to do more of that too. I just started a new book and would love to spend more time reading it, I should just schedule the time, huh? ;)

christine (booktumbling) said...

The question is, does your mailman love you???? Good luck on an all reading day!

Lori said...

Good luck with your reading! I am so jealous.
BTW, I love the cover of that first book. Something about it really appeals to me.
Happy Friday!

TheEclecticElement said...

One of our mail people(and I say that because we have two alternating) is quite the b-i-t-c-h...But hey, as long as she brings us the mail right?! Lol
Congrats on your books!

forgetfulone said...

How did your day of reading go?


it is a wonderful day when you spend it reading a book...and finishing it!