Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i don't have to go to the store

to buy popsicle sticks and containers because i won the yoplait whips giveaway! robyn of robyn's online world, i do thank you. i like your giveaways and your nongiveaways (i like the way your mind bends) and i really like that i won this giveaway!! look at this package and you will see how cool a win this is!

when i saw the posting, i asked dh what he thought, and we didn't think to clearly because we just took popsicle sticks and popped them into the lid. have you seen my problem yet? the bottom is wider than the top. but we did find out that any yogurt of theirs works.

now, i gotta tell you one of the reasons why i am a pretty loyal fan of theirs. next month is breast cancer awareness month. in the last few years, they have supported women by having us save the lids to send in to them as they support us. i lost a sister to that nasty disease so i am a supporter of a good product that supports the work to stop this disease. so next month, you watch for special lids and the instructions of what to do with them and you help them to help us.


TheEclecticElement said...

WooHoo! Congrats on your yummy win =]

RobynsOnlineWorld said...

Congrats again!

That is funny about the Popsicle stick. I didn't even go there with a stick and knew I would eat them with a spoon. You are too funny!

My mom is a breast cancer survivor - I hear where you are coming from!