Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Review Shades of Grey by Jessica James

What drew me to the novel? The title which suggests a willingness to give the reader an unbiased view of the conflict? The cover? The fact that General Lee was from Virginia? Maybe I was influenced by my southern heritage with both parents being deeply routed there. I can only rejoice that i was drawn to the novel.

You are not taken from one blood battle to the next, rather you are taken through the war by the conflicts of two people, both Southerns, but one strongly for the rights of the stare and one strongly for keeping the states united. As they battle each other with their wits, as they dutifully do their assigned tasks to end the conflict, the reader is exposed to more of the war's complexities.

The book starts with a chase during the beginning of the war. Confederates chasing a small farmer boy on a big black charger. The Federals suddenly appear causing the Confederates to split up…except for their leader who is intent on his youthful prey.

As the reader, it was the start of a fast moving junket that did no slow down. I could see each character, hear their voices, understand their emotions.

Who do i think should read Shades of Gray? Civil War buffs. Lovers of historical fiction. History lovers. Anyone who just wants a really good read.


Mary said...

This is one of my favorite books that I've read this year! Bought it in Kindle edition but plan to buy the book version as well. Yes, I liked it THAT much! Nice review.

Jessica James said...

Thanks for the nice review, Sandra! And thanks for the kind words (and nice review in July), Mary!
You both made my day!