Friday, August 21, 2009

Swimsuit CD Review

Swimsuit by James Patterson: Book Cover
This sounded so good! A beautiful sexy swimsuit model who disappears only to turn up brutally murdered. An ex-cop, turned mystery writer. Ah, the villain...a charismatic, psychopathic, Lon Chaney like, sociopathic killer. How could this be anything other than a 5 star story?

Listen we did. It was an OK story to me (like a 3 out of 5). But maybe I was missing something. I asked the house fan (hubby). He rated it the same way I did. My dad, who loved mysteries, would have read it and found it an enjoyable read.


Sheila (bookjourney) said...

I have this one too and have not dug into it yet. I was wondering if it would be good. For me, Patterson can go either way - some of his books rock and some fall flat.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the narrator on this one. Too much acting in his voice at the beginning...and he didn't do a female's voice very well.

Jenny said...

I started reading the book and stopped after about 20 pages because the writing was so amateurish. I think the last straw was this sentence:

"She was very scared."

My parents like James Patterson okay so I'm going to give it to them and see what they think.

junior_goddess said...

I went to my library's book sale yesterday, and am up to my eyeballs in old fiction. I HATE spending 20.00 on a loser book!

Inspiration By Karen said...

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Julie J. said...

I've been watching reviews for this one for awhile.

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