Friday, June 12, 2009

the old grey house ain't what is use'ta be

once upon a time this was a grey brick house with a brown door at 401
the door is now blue, house yellow
moon over our house
moon over our house
clouds above our yellow house
clouds over our house
back of our house 2009
those now blue doors used to be a sliding door...note dog door bottom right. that ramp is supposed to be replace with a permanent concrete ramp.
my back yard
this is the bottom of the garden. i painted the bird houses. (apparently the birds were not impressed as we have never seen any of them go near even one of them)
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this is from the driveway. that is a vitec tree that in summer has lovely lavender blooms that butterflies and bees love!
spring 2008
clouds over the garage. aren't they magnificent?
spring 2008
and more clouds.

we love our little house. the white van has become a piece of driveway sculpture (engine is broken beyond repair...sniff)

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Momstart said...

Wow, those are some great shots of clouds. We dont' get many clouds here, just a gray overcast