Thursday, May 28, 2009

ten things that make me happy?

another blogger, jessica, challenged me to answer the above question. this is my attempt to answer (no order):

1. my dogs make me happy.  they are so full of joy and so smart and loving,

2. yarn makes me happy...the feel, the colors, what you can turn it into.

3. clouds make me happy. sometimes they glide across the sky. sometimes they billow up. sometime they have pink bottoms from the sun.  have you ever been flying and seen a lighting strike through them? the strike casts a golden hue to the clouds close by.
4. flowers, especially wild flowers make me happy. i love to take drives out during spring and see untouched area splashed with colors from the different blossoms.
5. photography makes me happy. mine and other peoples. these were done by a couple of friends of mine. they all make me feel and think...what a good thing. kristina did the first two and chris did the other.

6. rainbows make me happy.  i have seen some that go straight up and then rise. one of the reasons charlie is so great is he understands that rainbows require watching.

7. a full moon makes me happy. especially the beautiful harvest moons! they are always so big and colorful.

8. seeing grown men hug one another makes me happy. fathers and sons and grandsons. old friends reuniting. (of course i am glad i am not a man during one of those hugs with all the back pounding! ouch!)

9. being alive makes me happy. it is so much fun beating the odds!!

10. my husband's love makes me happy.


Once A Sheep said...

I have to say your HAPPY post made me happy too! After being unwell myself recently, you have cheered me up no end. Thank you.

Jessica said...

You came up with a great list! How could I forget flowers?! Especially wild flowers. OH! Love them. Thanks for sharing!

thibeaux1369 said...

beautiful sentiments!