Monday, May 25, 2009

our little mystery

mystery pup
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mystery puppy (aka mysypup, aka the midnight marauder) has been at it again. but not as successful as she normally is. she apparently went in search of the forbidden last night.  she found the peanut butter jar.  how do i know? it was on the floor by my side of the bed this morning. ah, but we were in luck! this time she couldn't get the lid off! she is a very talented thief is out mysy. she has been known to find some jar and get the lid off and clean up the jar's contents. on some jars, you can tell how long her tongue is. so funny. especially if you catch her. she just stops. sits. drops what is in her mouth and give you a look of "aren't i the smartest dog in the house. i got it off the counter all by myself,"

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