Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joolwe fun jewelry shopping

18k Gold over Sterling Silver Fancy Cut Peridot Cubic Zirconia Necklace
following a blog line, i found this site. it looked like it could be great fun for someone who likes jewelry as much as i. i subscribed to their email and then went to join them. i got a notice that i would be getting the emails but could not get the submit button to submit me as a joiner. bummer!

i emailed them. they emailed me back. after several of the pingpongs, a marvelous thing happened. i was joined! 

ok, why am i rabbiting on about these folks? because i worked customer support for 20 years. i know what is good, bad and somewhere in between. these folks are very good. so if you are looking for jewelry, do go to joolwe. (clicking on the name will take you to them.)

and if you have any problem, know that they will help you out! and tell um spvaughan sent ya! giggle.

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