Friday, May 1, 2009

egads, have i really been away so long

i knew i hadn't posted in a while but this is beyond silly!!!

ok, i will try to give you a fast update: something attacked my body shortly after thanksgiving and would not give up. finally went to the doctor who ran tests and took me to task. then there were taxes and other interventions of life. but i am back and will try to catch up with everyone.

i do have pictures to post but not as many as i would like. o, i did get a new wheelchair for new year's. it is blue and magical...goes up and down so i don't get a crick in my neck from looking up and even tilts back (for a nap maybe).  

i am recovered from fiber fest and was a good girl...i only bought one skein of yarn (i had been lusting after it for about a year).  it reminds me of a sunset on a cloudy day...sort of blue-gray with pink...with a bit of silver sparkle. o, fear not, i have not reformed...i just needed some tools and what? some stitch markers by cat b so i can make better sense of her patterns, a couple of shawl pins, some socks charlie can wear with his kilt (lovely, soft alpaca)...i think that is all.  i did take a class on fiber substitution

dogs are fine and learning new tricks.

hmmm. about sir charles. about 3 weeks ago, he fell while waiting for my wheelchair guy to arrive. he broke and dislocated his ankle and heel. he had surgery that night to repair everything. so now there are 2 gimpy kids in the house. now here's the good news.  i have 2 walkers (the first one was really too tall but no one would believe me) and 2 electric wheelchairs (i have not donated the jazzy since i got the pride) and my old canadian (cuff) canes. so nothing had to be purchased as i had everything already. his cast is blue so he thinks he should ride the new blue pride. such a silly rabbit.

i have added sandra singh to my favorite blogs list. she is a lovely lady with a shop near austin. she also is on ravelry. give her a visit. "it's a good thing."

will try and post pictures as soon as i can figure out what costco has done to confuse me!

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Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy! Some good news and some not so good, in other words life. BTW I love your dog below, such sweetie. And thanks for adding my blog.
Sandra Singh