Saturday, August 2, 2008

in memory of patsy

who was patsy? my big sister.  why in memory? she died of breast cancer at about 42. she left 4 lovely girls who are now the loveliest women! they all married and have sweet children.  my big sister could do anything! she was 1st chair in the san antonio youth symphony when she joined in junior high school. in high school, she played the flute. i remember some of the art she did then ... i wish i could do as well! but most of all, my big sister, all 5'2" of her was one of the best horse women i knew! she wanted to be a large animal vet but was talked out of it...she was equally good with dogs. maybe not as good at mothering. she was long waisted...about 105 lbs. she had blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes! a very clear blue like aquamarines. she was smart, would have made the national honor roll but for her one day of skipping school...well, like i indicated, she wasn't perfect. but she was my big sister and i loved her. she died of breast cancer...that, by the time the found it, had invaded her brain. 

so why am i telling you about patsy? a lovely lady, manda, going to be "participating the breast cancen 3-day, benefiting the susan g. komen for the cure in san francisco on sept 5-7." she needs help reaching a fundraising goal of $2200 thru people making donations on line here.  can you help her out?  if you are a knitter, for every $10 donation, you get an entry in her contest. if you are not a knitter, the objective is still a such a good one! you can make the donation in the name of patsy vaughan southard if you don't know anyone you didn't make it or you can make it in the name of anyone you know. my friend david bowen made it...yes, men can get breast cancer too. 

but help manda reach her goal, if for no other reason than because i am saying, "PLEASE"!

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Manda said...

thank you, Sandy! I'm sorry for the loss of your sister - she sounded like a great lady.