Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the great excape

have any of you ever owned a terrier? even a half breed terrier? if you have, this story is for you!

yesterday, charlie and i went to pt (physical therapy), leaving the kids behind...something that oscar wilde does not like. several hours later, we returned home to much enthusiastic greetings! some verbal comments from oscar.  

so when it came time to go see my gp (doctor) and get my blood sucked, it was agreed that the one who was bouncing like he had springs on his paws as he verbally cried his excitement and demands for accompaniment, could come as was his smiling, tail wagging sister, ie, mystery puppy...hey, if he goes and you go, i want to go too!

the day was cool and cloudy. the car with windows cracked, would not be hot.

away we went. i saw herr doctor. i had what seemed like a gallon of blood removed. we went back to the car. two dogs greeted us...mysy with her squeaks and smiles from under the steering wheel...oscar from atop the passenger seat with smiles and tail a waggle! 

the next moment, out he goes, minus halter? huh? and in a flash he is out of site! 

as the sky was crying, we thought it would be best to continue with my transfer from chair to car and get the car quickly undercover in the trunk as well.

windows down, we called and called. we drove around the lot he had streaked off toward. 

no dog. we drove around and around the area calling. the hospital desk was informed in case he decided to get out of the wet! we parked back were we had been. no dog.

charlie went off on foot...around all the parking lots; front back and side. no dog. 

we drove around the hospital again...as well as checking back at the desk. no dog.

we had to go to the store as the cupboard was bear. in despair we went. a small adventure ensued when we knew what city we were in but not quite sure of the best direction to head in as we were not seeing street names we were familiar with...we did ultimately drive over john mc cain a couple of times (unintentionally, for sure....but gave me a laugh). finally, there it was! sprouts! i love that store! we had to eat first (blood had to be fasting). charlie has learned it is a bad, very bad idea to let some people, of small stature, to shop on an empty stomach! finally, we had all the necessities.

ah, but we needed gas. we got it.

mysy and well as the two biped were off to the hospital, one more time. all hoping to see a small white dog! we turned in slowly searching the small hillock. the lot in front. under the poetical. the newly stripped area. UH. what? what? and as we turn toward the area where we had parked, there he was! dripping wet! full of cockaburrs...our own oscar. quite  happy. ready for a ride.

and that was the end of the great escape! 

moral: he will now have to have a collar and a halter when he got out! so if he develops another houdini trick, he will have id tags...just encase someone does not check his chip! for chip he got right after the first escape the second day we had him.

and that, my friends, is what it is like to own terriers!

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