Saturday, June 14, 2008


camera is a nikon d60 with two lens.  

i have not gotten any photos off the cell phone.  i have not watch the nikon school dvds.  why? you are such a nosey lot.  ok, i spent 2 days having tests run for the neurologist, who, tho looking like a very large cherib, may be sadest!  the mri was fun as i am such a noneck kid! and they want you to lie flat which my body is not designed for.  but he said i was the best testee he had ever had, doing exactly what he requested and holding so still....see what 62 years of training will get you? a 30 min as opposed to a 45 min trial.  yesterday i had the rest of the testing.  if electroshock treatments are anything close to that...anyway they want you to relax while they do this shocky stuff...the start of which on the major nerves will make you and your relaxed arm become very, very unrelaxed! and then they do it again!  after the major nevers (those with a truck load of feeling), they go to the little ones which generally are not too bad...until she cranked it up a bit causing my fingers to jump around.  thank god, i was taught by my parents that as a doc daughter, i was to set an example and not scream....hold my breath, clench my teeth...but not scream!  i did that a lot.  oh, then she had to do the other arm...and you know what is going to happen...and you are still supposed to relax.  well, she said i was a good egg and she left.  so for something better to do, i started back on the sox.  the doc came in and said he had the results:  i do not have carpel tunnell  yeah!  i do have more buldges between the vertibra and some spurs that were not there last year.  he does not think anything requires surgery.  he does think that pt might help teach me to relax my shoulders and neck.  i have high hopes!  i would love my body to really understand what the hell that word means!  RELAX.  we shall see.  anyway, i have spent most of the day listening to harry potter and resting my body. hopefully it will be ready to learn tomorrow.

i did have to scrap the socks AGAIN.  i made such a mess in the doc's office that i could not figure out what i had done so could not fix it.

o, i almost forgot! the saturn is in motion once more!  houston, we have take off!  about the van?  we are still talking about that one.

i think this is enough for right now as i am feeling fatigues again...later...

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