Friday, June 6, 2008


and charlie got a new line and my old phone.  he finally agreed to it when the saturn died on him 40 miles from home, temp with heat factor over 100.  finally got someone to lend him a phone and he got paul to pick up him and oscar and the car to toe them all back home.  it's a samsung which shows big numbers when you dial!  has a camera so can get some pictures for try to get in here and on ravelry of yarns and knitted objects and family.  

today will be long...after i get his nibs up...dress and go to neurologist to see how my body is doing...look at trail him what's to get to attach to the trailer hitch he put on the saturn so we can cart the electric chair around.  i have said no van until he has figured out how to keep the chair in the trailer and how to keep it dry in the rain...i don't want to be stuck because of weather...see what i can get as a trade in for my cameras and lens toward a new digital for food...try to get more rows done on my sox for charlie...o, did i forget to tell you?  

sox are the only thing charlie has asked me to knit for him...other than a hat.  i have resisted so long but he is a sweetie even if his round to it has so many angles.  so, i have tutorial has been my teacher.  i got started only to quickly figure out i had the wrong cord...too short!  but how to transfer them to longer cord with only one set of size 4 needles...i figured it out but was so scared i had it wrong that put it off all day...was not as bad as i thought...only got confused once but got it done.  yarn...what yarn...well, you of the ladies in my knitting group needed to destash.  the yarns were so lovely.  i had to have them.  (she is a yarnaholic!) the colors were so lovely on line!  in person, better and they felt so soft!  if i ever figure out how to get pictures in here, you shall see.  

knitaholics have to knit all the time.
yarnaholis have to touch, oogle, buy yarn.

i am the latter.

gotta go...time to get this show on the road.

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