Sunday, June 8, 2008

chicken little strikes

its i...chicken little.  i am so afraid i will run out of yarn for charlie's socks that the first pair of socks to come of my needles with be for me.  and i frogged what i had and am starting over.  i am the most frustrated's like no matter what i knit, if i can get past the first 3 rows i am fine but the first 3 generally get me hell!  

i have tried something that may not work...give me an a if it does.  when you are viewing this posting, try clicking on the question mark in the box and see if it sends you to my flicker pictures of my critters.  ok, here we go!


Anonymous said...

I didn't see a question mark...

Where are you getting hung up on with the socks? Once you get an inch or so in, it's much easier!

hodgepodgespv said...

that's the problem...getting the inch or so!