Sunday, May 4, 2008

Plan B

this was taken with our $27 digital camera by him.  this one is the only one of the 5 test pictures that looked ok...the rest were out of focus...well, it is a $27 camera...hard to see what the heck you are focusing on!  but this is a plant in my garden.

i did it!  HOORAY!!!  balloons float up to the sky! i got a picture in and where i want it!  

boy, are some kids slow!  this really shouldn't have taken so long to figure out!  but i am so proud that i did it.

o, clap hands for charlie for he took the picture.  

what kind of flower is it?  a blue volunteer ...translation:  i haven't got a clue! but isn't it pretty!

now to see what else i can do. i want to see more even if you don't.  but if you are reading this, i will assume you do.  ready?  here we go!

ahhh...i may be figuring this out after all.  

this is a wonderful picy of texas spring clouds (and the top of the door of the van).  i love texas clouds as the following will attest.   

well they won't if i can't get them from flicke! and there critter flicks out there as well!

ok, i give up for now.  i have to figure out how to do some thing else for a while.  

so, you, my friend, will just have to wait!  (the cloud picture was taken with a 3mm throw away camera.  

am i having fun yet?  NO  i want to show them all to you! foiled again but i will figure it out.

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Mmo Barger said...

Hi - it looks like blue cardinal flower to me Lobelia siphilitica.