Friday, May 2, 2008


but the answer is yes, the battery in the 27 dollar digital camera (that was supposed to be compatible with mac but isn't) died!  and the memory with it!  what do expect for 27 dollars!

i expect to have fresh batteries, memory comes back.  dummy me!  so, all the pictures i took on the pretty, sunny day are gone.  do you get the idea i am not a happy camper.  you are correct.  

where is that irs check...i want a digital camera...o, one with a flash, too, please and thank you; $27 does not get you flash.

ok, i am going over to the corner and sulk.  i know it is not mature.  i don't want to be mature.  i want to sulk. i'll talk to you.....footsteps slowly fade out (footsteps...who is she kidding...o, i get it...never mind)

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Anonymous said...

I would pout too!