Thursday, April 24, 2008

We are safe!

so says sir charles.  it would appear that oscar de wild (see avatar) can see green gekos against yellow brick walls.  his only problem is he can't reach them.  it would also appear gekos have ears and can be chased from your garden to the next (or at least out of your fenced area).  

oscar is very aware of his pet (charlie) being dressed...ah, but when the keys were found and made a noise, actions must be taken.

"well, you have to make sure your toys don't escape you!"  (such vocals made would make scrooge smile.)  "of course if one is going to work guarding the car, one must be properly clothed! that girl is so slow.  why is she taking so long getting my harness on."

"stop wiggling?  but i am excited!!! a ride in the car!!!!  hurry up!!!  i have on my leash!!!  let's go!!!!  now!!!"

and they did.

him must have left a carrot out on the counter.  this is known because the midnight marauder  (aka mystery puppy aka mysy pup) has trotted back here, jumped on the couch at the foot of the bed and is crunching away.  him and the midnight marauder play these games of "you leave it, i steal it".  which is why there are pottery bits to use in mosaics!  "don't ya know, if you steal something behind something else and you don't have hands to move things...what do you expect?"

"why is there a doorbell in this house?  woof alert is so much better and alerts to more that just people at the door.  cars arriving.  doors opening.  gates opening. husbands arriving thru the back door or sneaking down the hall.  yes, it is a loud alert.  it can cause a person to jump a bit resulting in the drop of a stitch.  but is so effective!"

him = husband, aka sir charles, aka charlie

she = me, aka sandy 

all other characters are the dog critters who inhabit the household

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